Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Is Feminine Hygiene a Taboo Subject?

As a blogger I am lucky enough to receive a great selection of  products and samples to review. So when I go home from Uni the other day I was chuffed to see another sample package had arrived. I didn't really know what to do when I opened it up and saw four bottles of Femfresh. I had to think long and hard about doing a post to suit them, didn't exactly want to do a review! I even spoke to my best friend about it to see what she would think! Then I decided 'screw it let do a post'. 

So I have decided to talk about feminine hygiene in a rather broad sense. It is true that across most of the world the subject in hand is a taboo and a topic of conversation that most girls would like to avoid, myself included.But it is a very important topic and one females need to start paying attention to. Us girls have plenty of lotions and potions hidden anyway in our bathroom cupboards for all parts of our bodies claiming to do one thing or another. But what do we have for our intimate area? Often this area of our body can get overlooked by us using an everyday body wash, which can actually strip your intimate area of it's natural defences. I'm pretty sure we are all guilty of this! To maintain the natural defences women need to use a different wash because at the end of the day it is different. You won't use foot cream in your hair so why use a body wash down there! There are plenty of intimate care products of the market but Femfresh is the leading one. 

Femfresh has been designed specifically to care for the unique pH of your vaginal area (word I never thought I would be saying on my blog!). All of the products have been gynaecological and dermatologically tested so have been tried and tested. If you are concerned about irritation from regular soaps and shower gels then try Femfresh products. They are suitable for all female of any age, who are wanting to improve or maintain their general hygiene down there. Femfresh products are great to use whilst pregnant as they are so gentle.  

The new lines recently added to the range have certainly increased the appeal of Femfresh products. The in-shower washes range now consists of:
  • Daily Intimate Wash
  • Triple Action Deodorising Wash
  • Triple Action Soothing Wash 
  • Triple Action Prue & Fresh Gel Wash 
  • Ultimate Care Active Fresh Wash 

They are all suitable for daily use which is great! Girls we need to start looking after our 'downtowns'. It is an important part of our personal hygiene. I know we arent exactly going to go into Boots with our friends just to pick up a bottle of Femfresh, but perhaps just slip a bottle into your next shopping basket. The products mentioned above are available from ASDA and Boots and retail between £2.99 and £3.49. They cost peanuts when you consider all the good things they do for you!

Stop being worried about people judging you and starting thinking about the most important person out there, yourself. Your hygiene is way more important than anything else! So give it a go also if you fill out your details on the Femfresh website you receive a £1 off coupon! 

Lots of Love 

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