Sunday, 3 August 2014

Skin Care || My Day & Night Creams

Hellooo My Lovelies,

Hope you are all well and enjoying the summer, I know I am!! Today I finally thought I'd share my new(ish) skin care routine. The first installments of this 'series/review' I thought I'd talk you through day and night creams. The creams I am currently using are from Clinique and Elemis. So lets kick it off with the day cream. 

The day cream I am using is just a generic moisturiser from Clinique, it can be used both day and night but I chose only to use it during the day. It is the Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel which is for combination to oily skin, so it is perfect for me. The gel is oil-free and non-comedogenic which means it does not block your pores up. It gives you a lovely lightweight hydration without any oiliness as a result your skin feels smoother, softer and more comfortable. Another lovely point that it doesn't have a strong scent as I cannot stand scented day creams, I just don't understand the principle of them! It makes a great base for foundation or balms as does not make your skin sweat or grease up during the day but it doesn't have a matte finish to it. The consistency is lovely really smooth and lightweight, it absorbs fairly quickly so isn't sat on your skin for ages. The gel is aimed at combination to oily skin so if you have dry skin this definitely is not the moisturiser for you. However Clinique also offer a Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+ for dry to dry combination skin. Do not make the mistake of confusing the two! It will really mess your skin up! You can pick both moisturisers up in any Clinique Stockists or here online.

The night cream I currently use is Elemis Dreamy Sleep Night-Time Moisturiser from the Fresh Skin range. The range is aimed at young skin and targets problems such as oiliness and blemishes whilst leaving your skin appearing brighter and more radiant. Each product in the range is formulated using natural ingredients, which is a great bonus. I always think the less chemicals on your skin the better. The cream is scented, so if you don't like scented night creams this is not for you. However a scented night cream is something I can deal with. It has a nice relaxing scent a little like lavender, which is great for relaxation and night time. The consistency is great, really light and glides across the skin smoothly. It absorbs fairly quickly so you aren't hanging around for it to sink in before your head hits the pillow. The next morning my skin feels repaired, smooth and soft unlike some night creams that leave your skin feeling smothered and oily. The cream comes in a pump bottle which is great because it dispenses just the right amount for your neck and face. I usually associate Elemis as begin rather pricey but I actually think that this is very reasonably priced. You can pick up the Fresh Skin range in John Lewis or here  online.

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