Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Review || Fantasy by Britney Spears The Naughty remix

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Today I thought I'd do another perfume review after how well my Dolce review when (click here to read). This is one half of Britney Spears newest perfume collection. Can you all remember back in secondary school everyone wore Britney Spears Fantasy, that little pink bottle covered in green gems? Or is this me being old? Anyway she has re released the range with an addition of two new Fantasy scents, the Naughty Remix and the Nice Remix and today's review is all about the Naughty Remix. The idea of the scents is that they use the original notes of the scent from 2005. 

The Naughty Remix which is the more sensual of the two, is for when you are feeling daring and maybe that means it is more suitable for the evenings. With notes of jasmine, white chocolate, orchid, sweet cupcake accord and creamy musk. I have no doubt at all that if you like the original Fantasy scent you will also like this new 'remix' of the scent. The reason I chose the Naughty version is probably because I thought it smelt a little more grown up and sophisticated. Each bottle comes with a little removable charm bracelet which is cute. The bottle isn't as glitz as the original Fantasy scent, but this is probably because us Britney fans are growing up to! It only feels like yesterday we were all rocking the pig tails and sing 'Hit Me Baby One More Time'! 

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  1. I so want to try this as I love the original Fantasy perfume xx

    Gemma // missmakeupmagpie.com