Tuesday, 1 July 2014

I am Attempting to Cope With Hay Fever

Helloo There,

As summer basically here now, it means I'm in the build up of six to eight weeks of suffering with Hay Fever. I has only been in the last couple of years that I have really started to suffer with Hay Fever badly, I've always had the odd sneeze but now I get the full slog, itchy and runny eyes, constant runny nose and repetitive sneezing. So I thought I'd share with you a couple of medical and natural remedies that make the summer a little more bearable. 

Firstly, I have found that Cetirizine works better for me than Loratadine. But each of us if different and remember to seek the advice of a GP or medical health advisor before you take any medication. A lot of medication also takes about two weeks to start working so be patient. This also means that you need to prepare yourself BEFORE the high pollen really sets in. In addition, it's not good taking your medication when you remember, you need to get into a routine. 

I get the biggest desire to scratch my eyes which drives me insane as well as messes up any form of eye make up I have put on. So you can find me hiding behind these rather large pair of Topshop sunnies. 

Now surely if the pollen cannot get into my eyes, I won't suffer right? It looks ridiculous when the sun isn't shining, but it is a great defence mechanism. Another thing for my eyes are eye drops I am currently using Optrex Soothing Eye Drop which are specifically for itchy eyes, and they work a miracle. 
I also find that getting changed and showering when I get home for the day help especially as my job is outdoors. You'd be surprised at how this actually helps. It means that you literally get rid of all the pollen that sticks to you throughout the day, it also prevents you moving pollen from your hair and skin onto your bedding and pillows. 
I know in the summer we want to save the plant and not use our tumble dryers but drying your clothes outside means that they are just getting pollen stuck to them like crazy! To be fair I still dry the majority of my clothes outside but I no longer dry my bedding on the line.
Now I have read a lot of things online about the wonders local honey does for hay fever so recently I have but substituting my shop brought runny honey for a locally produced one, now the price is a lot more but it does seem to be helping me out. I have been adding the honey to greek yogurt and strawberries for breakfast in the mornings. The honey is supposed to desensitise you to the pollen. 
A good nasal spray is a must for a hay fever sufferer. I have been using Prevalin, which has no antihistamines or steroids but creates a barrier in your nose and prevents a reaction. Another great mechanism for your nose is Lush Ultrabalm, I have been using a small bit around each of my nostrils, it works by catching the pollen before it enters you nose. 

What do you do to prevent hay fever? 

Lots of Love  


  1. I hope you get to feeling better soon, I know how you feel I've been dealing with Hay Fever too but nothing seems to work.


    1. It's horrible isn't it! Hope you feel better soon!
      Danielle xo