Sunday, 20 July 2014

How I Cope With Insomnia

Hello there.

Yay summer is upon us and now all I am looking forward to fun in the sun with my friends as well as being able to jet off to Spain with my wonderful family. 

Well today I thought I'd share with you a different personal post. If you are at uni or are have been through the uni process you will totally understand and relate to this post, well I hope you do. Sleep, is the topic today and it a topic I struggle with because myself and sleep seem to have a slight love hate relationship and it sucks. I love sleep and will quite happy stop everything to be able to spend time sleeping but it just rejects me and send me packing, it's like sleep just want me. Okay that was a bit silly but seriously we don't get along. I really enjoy my sleep and when I do actually get to sleep I can quite happily sleep for up to 15 hours straight, yes that has happened, as well as being able to sleep through world war three. I am a very deep sleeper, despite this I really struggle to get to sleep in the first place. I am not one of these people who can fall asleep anywhere at any time. I am to have thing in a particular way, sleepovers were a nightmare when I was little as you can imagine.

Today I thought I'd just talk you through some of the things I like to do to try and help me get to sleep. Firstly I like to make sure any food I have had has 'gone down' because I hate laying there with food just sitting there on my stomach. Secondly an hour before I aim to go to sleep I take some herbal sleeping tablets, I am currently using Melissa Dream tablets from New Nordic, which you can get here or from Holland & Barrett stores. The tablets are used to help people to maintain and help a healthy calm sleep and relaxation. I find these really help with the whole relaxation period as you begin to wind down before sleep. They also really help me to have a well rested nights sleep and I feel energetic and ready for the day were as beforehand I felt very lethargic.

The next couple of steps I like to to do involve stimulating the sense smell. I find that is a really important sense to use as it really helps me to fully relax and unwind. To do this I use two products. The first being from Febreze, if you read my June favourites you would have seen it. It is from the new range Sleep Serenity in the scent Warm Milk and Honey. It is lovely as it reminds me of being younger when sleep really was not an issue. The bedroom mist comes in three scents, the other two being Quiet Jasmine and Warm Moonlit Lavender. You can buy Febreze Bedroom Mist here or in most major retailers. The second product I use is from a Aromatherapy company called Tisserand and it is the Sweet Dreams Aromatherapy Roller Ball. All you have to do is to simply glide the roller over your pulse points - wrist, temples and neck - for a restful nights sleep. It contains Lavender, Bergamot and Ylang-Ylang oils which have been hand-blended to aid sleep. The oil does exactly what it claims to do and the roller ball is great as it dispenses the right amount of oil.

A few other things I like to do myself is to make sure I am relaxed as there is only so much pills and scents can do for you. So a couple of things I like to do is to make sure I am in a tidy and clean environment, this means a tidy bedroom. I find that a messy room stresses me out which means I cannot relax. I also like to ensure that I have achieved everything I planned to do that day, so in the morning I sent myself out small tasks to do during my day, for example getting a post written up. I find that if I haven't finished something I am constantly thinking about it when it comes to bedtime. The final thing I like to do is after I have taken my pills I like to put all electronics - Ipad, phone and laptop - down and read. Reading really helps me to unwind and relax.

I hope this post has been okay I know it is a bit different but I thought I'd share it with you. Do any of you suffer with Insomnia or restless nights, if so how do you cope?

Lots of Love 

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