Wednesday, 14 May 2014

To Drink or Not To Drink


A while ago I saw a post by Casey from Real Suburbia on her experiences with alcohol and growing up in a youth where binge drinking is common. So I thought I'd do the same. 

I was fourteen when I had my first drink, it was a Friday spring-evening and me and my best friend (of the time) decided to raid our parents liquor cupboards, I ended up with Martini and she has vodka. We transferred our liquor and mixers into sports bottles and proceeded into town to the local park, we very quickly became the stereotypical youth, not an image I wanted for myself. The next week our parents had been talking and we had foolishly tried to play them off against each other - kids this is not a wise move! As you can imagine I was in deep shit, with my parents and was grounded for six months I believe. 

After that occasion I wouldn't really drink much I stuck to cider and alcopops. I didn't touch another spirit until my year eleven prom, where I stupidly bought a litre of vodka to myself. I mixed it with orange juice and was fine, I had drank almost the entire bottle before I began to vomit my entire stomach full of food back up. Soon after this I lost consciousness and was put to bed in my tent. Lesson learnt avoid vodka at all costs and don't drink quickly. 

Now I was turning 17 house parties and drinking was becoming a much more regular thing in my life. I was drinking more and more, and making a fool out of myself. I found myself in the summer of 2012 boarding a plan to Magaluf with my friend Charlotte for a binge drinking holiday. To be honest it was one of the best experiences of my life, but I now look about an realise I put myself in some very vulnerable situation, for example one night of the strip I got separated from the group and was left on my own for about two hours. This was so dangerous and silly and would have never of happened if I had been sober.  

It wasn't until I was almost 18 I learnt my limits and what I can and cannot drink, vodka still to this day being one of them. To this day I still struggle with limits and pacing myself. I mean I can have a respectable drink without blacking out and not remembering a thing, but alcohol is a dangerous substance and should be treated with respect because it can lead you into awful situations. 

I in no shape or form recommend under-age drinking as it is illegal and dangerous, but if you do drink please remember to drink responsibly and stay with people! 

Lots of Love 

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