Thursday, 1 May 2014

5 Reasons I'm Excited For Eurovision ...

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Molly Smitten-Downes realeased her single for Eurovision 2014 this week, it is called Children of the Universe, which only means one thing Eurovision 2014 is officially on it way. I am a huge sucker for the contest and I sure a lot of you out there may not like to admit it but you do too, it is a guilty pleasure to many Brits. This year's competition is taking place in the beautiful city of Copenhagen. Obviously I can't just bugger off to Denmark for a couple of night so I am going to have to watch from the comfort of my sofa in the living room. Here are my five favourite things about Eurovision which I just cannot wait for!

Here is Molly's song Children of the Universe ....

Number One - The Party

I'm talking Union Jack posters, plates, cups, flags and hats. Everyone must have flags, so you can recreate the British fans out in Copenhagen. All guest must bring traditionally British nibbles with them. You really must got all out for the party! Themed fancy dress as your favourite Eurovision entry. EVERYONE must have a score sheet. Oh and course it wouldn't be Eurovision without Bucks Fizz!!

Number Two - The Cross Dressing 

Austria's entry Conchita Wurst is bound to turned heads this year. A handsome guy dressed as a super glamorous women, with umm a rather sexy bit of facial hair going on. Conchita (real name Tom Neuwirth) has caused a fair bit of controversy with his gender-challenging appearance. In his home country he presents himself as a symbol of artistic freedom and tolerance. His motto is 'Be the best version of yourself rather than a bad copy of someone else' which is a great saying to be honest! I don't think some of the less tolerant european countries (you must know whom I am referring to) will be overly impressed with him, but, hey ho, who cares because a drag queen whose surname means 'sausage' is what Eurovision is all about.  

Number Three - The Great Danes 

We are bound to find out all sorts of interesting things about Denmark in those tacky little Tourist Boards clips they do on the night. But in case your party is TOO  wild and everyone is making too much noise, here is the gist of it: It's where the Little Mermaid lives, they are the world's happiest people, they speak good English, they enjoy skinny dipping, they design cool furniture, they make Lego, they eat liquorice.

Number Four - The Interval Signer 

This years interval act is Jessica Mauboy an Australian singer songwriter. Weird I know, but the Aussies just can't help themselves when it comes to EuroV, they always end up in there somehow. Olivia Newton John represented the UK back in 1974! 

Who can you forget Gina G in 1996 with Ooh A Just A Little Bit?? 

Number Five - United Kingdom, Douze Points!

PLEASEEEEE let me hear this this year! We havent won since 1997 with Katrina & The Waves. I have really high hopes for Molly. It's a very anthemic song, which always bodes well at EuroV, and it is aptly topical across the continent right now (Power to the People). So get yourself off to Poundland stock up on Union Jack Bunting and Flag in time for May 10th !!!

Good Luck Molly !! 

Lots of Love 

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