Saturday, 31 May 2014

May Favourites

Hellooo My Lovelies,

Here are the bits and pieces I have been loving throughout May . . .

Dolce by Dolce & Gabbana 
So I went a little wild last pay day and some how thought I could justify spending £62 on a perfume! But Oh My God, I love it !! The fragrance is subtle and gentle, a feminine mix of white flowers, it is the first scent on the market to use Neroli leaves and White Amaryllis, a South African flower. The vintage style elegant packaging is very classy and looks beautiful on my dressing table. Have been wearing the scent a lot, so definitely one of my favourites this month. 

Every girl has their beauty secrets and mine is sudocrem. It problem has to be the most multifunctional little pot of cream on the market. We all associate sudocrem with nappy rash as this is what it is predominately used for but I am here to tell you about what I have been using it for this month. I have mentioned it before that I use it for blemishes, I don't use it during the day as it is very thick and doesn't absorb very quickly. I put it on before bed and allow it to work its magic over night. When I wake up the next day my blemish has practically gone! I also use it on dry or irritated skin on my face. Another way I like to use it is ... um how do I say this ... after shaving down there. You've just finished shaving and put on some pretty lacy underwear that are a tad tight around your bikini line, it can cause irritation and a rash, which isn't exactly very nice. So after shaving I just apply a little and no rash or irritation. Beware with black panties though!

Batiste Monochrome Dry Shampoo
I actually reviewed this product earlier this month and since receiving it I have not stopped using it. I really like the peppery fruity scent it offers. I really think that the formula of Batiste keeps improving, as I have darker hair I tend to struggle with non-coloured dry shampoo but Monochrome and Oriental just seem to work so much better with my hair!

L'oreal Paris Collection Privee Colour Riche Cheryl's Nude 
This is a amazing colour, it is the perfect nude for me! I am so pleased I brought it! The shade is a very subtle and wearable light pink-brown with the tiniest hint of shimmer to it. It is a shade that I would call a 'your lips but better' shade. I have not got a clue how but it really makes me feel elegant and classy. It isn't a ground breaker but I really love it and the range is great, if you haven't already check the range out pop to Boots and have a look.

Game of Thrones AGAIN! 
I'm sorry it is in here again but I still love it. Season four is showing on Sky Atlantic now.

What have you been loving this month?

Lots of Love 

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Review || Dior Diorskin Airflash Spray Foundation


Now I have had this can in my foundation draw around about six to eight months now, but I just don't seem to find myself reaching for it very often. Anyway I thought I'd share with you my views. 

Before I purchased this foundation I did a bit of research on it because its £33 which is pricey. the reviews seems on the whole fairly positive. The Dior Diorskin Airflash Foundation is a spray foundation, the idea of it seems very simple and genius, it saves time and isn't anywhere near as much hassle as a liquid foundation. So I popped over to my local Debanhams to the Dior counter and asked to be colour matched (please make sure you get matched!) Firstly the lady at the counter didn't really seem to know much about make up artistry as a career, don't get me wrong she knew the products inside out but not much more about the industry. She treated me to a full makeover, which was lovely. She matched me to 320 sand which is the second darkest shade. The range only actually has five different shades in it. So make sure you are matched it's an expensive mistake to make. 

To apply the foundation I like to tie my hair back hold the can roughly 8 inches away from my face and spray a fair amount of the spray onto my skin. I then leave it to dry for 30 seconds or so and blend it in around my eyes, nose and jaw. The lady at the counter recommended that for a natural cover to spray less and leave it to dry naturally.
Before Blending 
After Blending 
To be fair the result is a flawless finish, it is great for evening wear as it doesn't have SPF it in, so less flashback, and it is long lasting. It is a medium to high coverage foundation with a matte finish, but still looks natural. Dior state that it is suitable for all skin types, I have combination to oily and I seem to get on fine with it. So my views are mainly positive so I really don't understand why I don't reach for it more often, from now on I will try to use it more regularly!

Have you tried this foundation or any other Dior foundations? 

Lots of Love 

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Places To Go ....


I am really wanting to travel and it is something I have been considering for awhile especially as I need to start planning because I only have a year left at University now. I have come to the decision that I want to work on a cruise ship as part of the activities/entertainment team. Here are some of the places I want to travel to and explore...

Miami, Tokyo, Las Vegas, Berlin, Milan, Cape Town, Rio De Janeiro, St Lucia, Australia, Peru, Los Angeles, Easter Island, Dubai, India, Thailand and Moscow. 

There are so many beautiful places in the world I just wish I had enough time (and money) to see them all! 

Where would you like to travel? 

Lots of Love 

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Book Review || The Tennis Party by Madeleine Wickham (Sophie Kinsella)

Hello My Lovelies
It's a sunny summer Saturday and four couples gather for a weekend of tennis. 

Meet the tournament hosts: self-made man Patrick and his brash and beautiful wife Caroline, out to impress with their new country house. 

Meet the guest: Stephan and Annie, their impoverished former neighbours; social climbers Charles and his aristocratic new wife Cressida; and the ruthlessly competitive father-and-daughter team Don and Valerie.

As the first ball is served over the net so begins two days of Pimms, tantrums, flirtation, deviousness and shock revelations. It soon becomes obvious that the weekend is about anything but tennis. 

The Tennis Party much like other Kinsella/Wickham it is well-written, well-paced and consistent, three things any good book should be. Add funny into the mix and you have yourself the perfect read for all seasons. But I do think I would have enjoyed the book just a tad more sat on a sun-lounger on the beach in a hot climate country, but that's not to say I didn't enjoy it tucked up in bed with a herbal tea during March. 

The novels opening chapter introduces three of the four couples who the story is based upon. You quickly discover those that you like (Stephan and Annie) and those who you aren't too sure about (Caroline). You only need to get to the end of chapter three and you will have fallen for Georgina and Nicola. There friendship replicates that which many of us have, we all have that friendship with one friend which has overcome time and distance. 

Kinsella/Wickham has this ability to have a character deliver a line, which is not only something you as a reader wish you had the courage to say but also to put it across in the exact way in which you have said it. It this skill that makes the characters in her novels so relatable, even though the settings might not be relatable to everyone. There are twists and turns on what feels like every page, but Kinsella/Wickham only gives away enough detail so we keep on page turning. By chapter eight you start to see the perfect world of our couples disintegrate.

Although the events in The Tennis Party may not happen in everyone's world, but the key issue of miscommunication certainly does, and it blows your mind to think about the extent in which the characters go to; to avoid talking to people about their problems. The story is fast paced which makes the character's revelations even more shocking. You expect to be surprised, but I most certainly was not expecting what I read at the end of chapter nine!

The Tennis Party is a story of rise and fall, love, self-realisation, self-development and friendship. The story could also be interpreted in many different ways. It could be a feminist novel displaying men in a unkind light, or a social commentary on the filthy rich, their lifestyles and the consequences of wealth. But I choose to view it in a easy-reading story with no-hidden message other than that communication is always better for a relationship. 

The last two chapters of The Tennis Party are VERY explosive and you will suddenly decided who you like and who you don't like, and in doing so will probably find that your opinions of a few people change, during the course of the storyline. But having said that, by the end of the book I felt underwhelmed - in my opinion there was not a good enough resolution given for any of the problems which came to light. 

Overall The Tennis Party is a great read and I could not put it down. I enjoyed it's narrative style and humorous delivery, but I do prefer a cleaner ending. 

Lots of Love

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Review || Dove Maximum Protection Go Fresh Antiperspirant Deodorant

Hello All,

Another review, today I thought I'd share with you the best deodorant I have ever used. I know deodorant isn't the most exciting product to review but I simply just have to share this with you. I can be a bit of a sweaty betty, not as in sweat dripping from my hands throughout the day, I just have to be careful what tops I chose in certain situations, as I work outside all some in a synthetic polo shirt. So I need a good deodorant I can rely on. I have tried a lot of different antiperspirants which claim to offer 24 hour protection etc. but none seem to keep me sweat free. I recently made the switch from spray deodorant to roll on, due to the negative health effects of using a aerosol. 

My Mum actually recommended the Sure Maximum Protection, but when I went to Boots they had sold out so I opted for the Dove alternative. It is a cream formula and you twist the bottom and the cream is dispensed from the top. I put it on after my shower and have to allow it to dry before I get dressed so I use this time to do my hair and make up. The stick is scented, the Go Fresh deodorant is pomegranate and lemon. I have not experienced any irritation at all with this, or drying out my skin which can happen with heavy antiperspirants. The stick cost around £5.30 which is about double the price of a standard deodorant. It lasts only a little longer than a normal can or roll on, so it isn't really that cost effective, but saying this you are guaranteed to stay dry. There is only one other down side other than the price, which is if you do not let it dry before getting dressed it will mark your clothes. Other than this these Maximum Protection Deodorants are the best I have used in a long time and I will defiantly be purchasing this again. 

Lots of Love
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Friday, 16 May 2014

Slogan Top || Wishlist


The slogan tee is still still a huge favourite of mine and are a ultimate must have. I cannot get enough of slogan tops, thanks to my hours I seem to spend using the Pinterest and Etsy apps. I must confess that I have got slightly over board with the trend as my Ebay basket is just full of them but I can't help myself they are just so fab and fun designs. Thee tops are a great way of expressing yourself without saying a thing. I have put together a few of them I have fallen in love with and need in my life. What do you think about slogan tops? 

Lots of Love 

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

To Drink or Not To Drink


A while ago I saw a post by Casey from Real Suburbia on her experiences with alcohol and growing up in a youth where binge drinking is common. So I thought I'd do the same. 

I was fourteen when I had my first drink, it was a Friday spring-evening and me and my best friend (of the time) decided to raid our parents liquor cupboards, I ended up with Martini and she has vodka. We transferred our liquor and mixers into sports bottles and proceeded into town to the local park, we very quickly became the stereotypical youth, not an image I wanted for myself. The next week our parents had been talking and we had foolishly tried to play them off against each other - kids this is not a wise move! As you can imagine I was in deep shit, with my parents and was grounded for six months I believe. 

After that occasion I wouldn't really drink much I stuck to cider and alcopops. I didn't touch another spirit until my year eleven prom, where I stupidly bought a litre of vodka to myself. I mixed it with orange juice and was fine, I had drank almost the entire bottle before I began to vomit my entire stomach full of food back up. Soon after this I lost consciousness and was put to bed in my tent. Lesson learnt avoid vodka at all costs and don't drink quickly. 

Now I was turning 17 house parties and drinking was becoming a much more regular thing in my life. I was drinking more and more, and making a fool out of myself. I found myself in the summer of 2012 boarding a plan to Magaluf with my friend Charlotte for a binge drinking holiday. To be honest it was one of the best experiences of my life, but I now look about an realise I put myself in some very vulnerable situation, for example one night of the strip I got separated from the group and was left on my own for about two hours. This was so dangerous and silly and would have never of happened if I had been sober.  

It wasn't until I was almost 18 I learnt my limits and what I can and cannot drink, vodka still to this day being one of them. To this day I still struggle with limits and pacing myself. I mean I can have a respectable drink without blacking out and not remembering a thing, but alcohol is a dangerous substance and should be treated with respect because it can lead you into awful situations. 

I in no shape or form recommend under-age drinking as it is illegal and dangerous, but if you do drink please remember to drink responsibly and stay with people! 

Lots of Love 

Thursday, 1 May 2014

5 Reasons I'm Excited For Eurovision ...

Bonjour, Guten Abend, Good Evening, 
Molly Smitten-Downes realeased her single for Eurovision 2014 this week, it is called Children of the Universe, which only means one thing Eurovision 2014 is officially on it way. I am a huge sucker for the contest and I sure a lot of you out there may not like to admit it but you do too, it is a guilty pleasure to many Brits. This year's competition is taking place in the beautiful city of Copenhagen. Obviously I can't just bugger off to Denmark for a couple of night so I am going to have to watch from the comfort of my sofa in the living room. Here are my five favourite things about Eurovision which I just cannot wait for!

Here is Molly's song Children of the Universe ....

Number One - The Party

I'm talking Union Jack posters, plates, cups, flags and hats. Everyone must have flags, so you can recreate the British fans out in Copenhagen. All guest must bring traditionally British nibbles with them. You really must got all out for the party! Themed fancy dress as your favourite Eurovision entry. EVERYONE must have a score sheet. Oh and course it wouldn't be Eurovision without Bucks Fizz!!

Number Two - The Cross Dressing 

Austria's entry Conchita Wurst is bound to turned heads this year. A handsome guy dressed as a super glamorous women, with umm a rather sexy bit of facial hair going on. Conchita (real name Tom Neuwirth) has caused a fair bit of controversy with his gender-challenging appearance. In his home country he presents himself as a symbol of artistic freedom and tolerance. His motto is 'Be the best version of yourself rather than a bad copy of someone else' which is a great saying to be honest! I don't think some of the less tolerant european countries (you must know whom I am referring to) will be overly impressed with him, but, hey ho, who cares because a drag queen whose surname means 'sausage' is what Eurovision is all about.  

Number Three - The Great Danes 

We are bound to find out all sorts of interesting things about Denmark in those tacky little Tourist Boards clips they do on the night. But in case your party is TOO  wild and everyone is making too much noise, here is the gist of it: It's where the Little Mermaid lives, they are the world's happiest people, they speak good English, they enjoy skinny dipping, they design cool furniture, they make Lego, they eat liquorice.

Number Four - The Interval Signer 

This years interval act is Jessica Mauboy an Australian singer songwriter. Weird I know, but the Aussies just can't help themselves when it comes to EuroV, they always end up in there somehow. Olivia Newton John represented the UK back in 1974! 

Who can you forget Gina G in 1996 with Ooh A Just A Little Bit?? 

Number Five - United Kingdom, Douze Points!

PLEASEEEEE let me hear this this year! We havent won since 1997 with Katrina & The Waves. I have really high hopes for Molly. It's a very anthemic song, which always bodes well at EuroV, and it is aptly topical across the continent right now (Power to the People). So get yourself off to Poundland stock up on Union Jack Bunting and Flag in time for May 10th !!!

Good Luck Molly !! 

Lots of Love