Friday, 4 April 2014

Review || Nair Sensitive Formula Glide-On Hair Remover Cream


Another review ......

I don't actually find this very effective for underarm hair removal. I tend to find it leaving a bit of hair behind and is not a very close shave. I also having to hold my arms up for 5 minutes does become pretty unbearable. However I really like the fact that it is in this 'roller ball' style tube, it is a lot less messy and you do not end up with it all over your hands. You just twist up the bottom and out comes the cream through three holes at the top. 

Now for the bikini line...... 
There is no discomfort when applying the product, it does a good sweeping job but it can miss here and here when using it on the bikini line, so I use one of those plastic razors from Veet with it to ensure maximum hair removal. Also like most depilatory creams it sinks rottenly - so a shower is essential after using it. 

If you when you pull down your underwear and your expression is anything like this: 

This is the cream you should be getting. It will clear the jungle so to speak and then you can attack whatever is left with a bikini razor if the hair is very sparse or fine, I wouldn't recommend using a razor if the hair is coarse and thick. Also do not use a razor straight after give your skin time to recover from the cream. As I said earlier hop in the shower and you'll be good to go! 

You can purchase Nair products here for £4.32.

Lots of Love 

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