Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Review || The Body Shop Vitamin E Body Butter

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I am not the first blogger to have a love hate relationship with The Body Shop and I am sure I won't be the last. Some products I love and repurchase regularly and other I cannot stand whether it is the smell or the quality. Having said this though I am really loving the Vitamin E range, something that I had never really tried until recently. I purchased the Vitamin E Body Butter as I didn't really fancy a very overpowering scent, which TBS body butter often are, and I have fallen in love with it so much that when they were on offer the other week I went and purchased two more tubes. The price is £13.00 which I think it quite a lot despite it being a large tube (200ml) so I always try and look out for them when they are on offer, for example £5.00 a tube, which is very reasonable. 

The consistence of the butter is really nice and light, despite being a very thick cream, it soaks into your skin really quickly and doesn't leave you feeling greasy. It is great for use in all seasons, I used it all winter and I did not suffer with dry skin once which I often can especially on my legs, and I plan to use it all summer as a after sun and general moisturiser. TBS claim that the body butter offers 24-hour hydration for the skin and I must say I really think it is close to this, it really does make your skin feel and look lovely. 

The butter is really pale pink which matches the tube. It is really easy to apply and rub into the skin, I have even used it as a shaving cream from my legs and my legs had never been softer. One of my friends used the cream during her pregnancy and she said that it was the only cream to satisfied her itching without stinging or leaving a rash. 

The scent is lovely, if you prefer heavy fruity smells stick to one of the other body butters as this has a neutral smell, neither too strong or weak, just right! 

Finally we have the benefits of using a Vitamin E cream. Vitamin E is a very versatile vitamin which helps to maintain the skins natural oily balance as well as protect from ultra-violet light, pollution and many other harmful elements. It also reduces the appearance of stretch mark, age spots and scars, which is great for me as my legs are covered in scars from being a clumsy child. I have seen a reduction in my scars but as I am using bio-oil as well, I cannot really comment on how good or bad it is. 

What is your favourite Body Shop Body Butter? 

Lots of Love 

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