Tuesday, 1 April 2014

March Favourites

Hello there

Quick summary of my favourite bits and pieces March has seen me loving.

Being Natural
With the #nomakeupselfie and the weather turning sunny I have been wearing less and less make up. And if I do choice to wear make up I am using a very light weight foundation or just a BB cream. I am noticing a great difference in my skin, the amount of blemishes I am getting is reducing which is great because my skin has been terrible this winter !

My Car
Being home means every weekend means I am driving again woooohh. Boy have I missed my car, when I am at uni I spend a lot of time using public transport and oh my god it is terrible. Just the yesterday I caught the train from Chippenham to Walsall and I was delayed by half an hour a Chippenham which meant that all my other trains were missed, nightmare I am telling you! So having my freedom back and being able to go where I like when I like is great. Here's a cute little picture of my baby looking all clean and sparkly. 

Batiste Oriental
This is one of Batiste's newest scents, it has a really nice floraly frangrance. I am finding it really good on my brown hair, usually I struggle with non-coloured dry shampoos but for some reason this one isn't leaving my hair that horrible off grey colour. I have done a full review of it, if you'd like to have a read of it click here.

Back in February I brought my first pair of high top converse. Since that day a week has not past without me wearing them. They have to be the most comfortable and practical pair of shoes I own and added bonus that you can literally rock them with any outfit. They have turned into my go to pair of flats, I am slightly in love. 

Game of Thrones
OMG!! Someone please explain to me why on earth I did not watch this first time around when it was on Sky. Well I have not got a clue. With series four starting on April 6th I decided to see what all the hype was all about as it was available to watch on demand through Sky. Well lets just say I made it through three seasons in just a week..... I was hooked. If you are yet to watch GOT I highly recommend that you watch it from the beginning and don't just start with season four because there is so much story to the other seasons. 

Lots of Love 

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