Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Review || Batiste Oriental Dry Shampoo

Hello Everyone,

I know I am bombarding you with reviews at the moment but I have A LOT of stuff to review!! Next up is a hair product in the form of a dry shampoo from Batiste in the scent Oriental. Now I am a huge fan of dry shampoo especially the Batiste ones. I usually go for the one with a hint of brown just because I am lazy and 

First things first can we just take a moment to appreciate the design on the can, Batiste always have a good stylish pattern on the can but this is my favourite by far. I think this is just the most pretty design and goes perfectly with the scent. 

The scent has taken its inspiration from the East. It is a pretty floral scent.Taking inspiration from the Far East, Batiste Oriental has fruity top notes, including apple, wild berry and grape, along with floral middle notes of Jasmine and Iris, with a base of rich coconut, sandalwood and cedar. The scent does stay in your hair but not in an overpowering way, occasionally you get a wiff and 'think what's that? Oh my hair!' 

I like to wash my hair every other day at the moment, but after either the gym or netball my hair doesn't need a wash just a bit of a refresh. And this dry shampoo is just what I need, it leaves my hair look clean, smelling fresh. Having dark hair I understand the struggle of using a non-coloured dry shampoo, but I have not experienced any issues with it leaving white residue. As long you spray it 20cm away from your head and massage it through properly, you should have grey hair! 

What your favourite dry shampoo? 

Lot of love 


  1. Can't wait to try this out. I'm currently using the one for brown hair. I've already tried the original which I like better and have purchased the one with the cherry flavour to try after. I very much like oriental scents so I'll give this a try as soon as I find out where to get it.

    1. If you love oriental scents you are bound to like this!! I'm pretty sure you can get this one is larger Boots store xx

    2. I know I know, difficult to find here in Spain though. I have a pretty large Boots wish list for my next UK visit. With any luck, I'll go in September. See u around ;)

    3. If you'd be interested we could do a beauty bits swap ? Are the products very different out on Spain ?

    4. I'd love to do a beauty swap. There are some brands that aren't sold in the UK. I can have a look at them as I'm not very familiar with their range and see if I can find anything interesting to send your way. You just tell me what kind of stuff you love best. If you like french pharmacy stuff I can also get hold of that.

  2. That would be great here is my email drop me a line and we will organise something :) xx