Monday, 25 November 2013

Skin Care || Month One: No7 Beautiful Skin Range

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Since the age of 13 (6 years ago now) when I first started to wear make-up, I have really suffered with oily skin and bad breakouts. I wanted to do a series of posts, four over a course of 4 months, to track the results of my current skin care routine to see whether it makes any improvements to breakouts and oiliness.

Well this is my naked face as of 24th November 2013, really ugly photos I am sorry. As you can see I am suffering with a bad breakout along my jaw line and chin as well as have blackheads on my nose, cheekbones and forehead. I really hate my skin and it does get me down, I have tried so many different over-the-counter and prescribed remedies for acne but nothing really helps. I feel like my skin is still stuck in my early teens even though I am coming up to 20 and it really gets me down!

Looking after your skin is very important with the correct skin care routine you can minimise breakout and prevent dry flaky skin. I am going to walk you through the morning and evening skin routine I am going to be using. I am sticking to just one brand of skin care, so I can really evaluate properly the effect it is having. This brand is No7 beautiful skin, it is for for normal/oily skin.

Step One

Every other day I use the Purifying Exfoliator in shower, I massage this into my skin and then wash off with a flannel. Exfoliators are very important to use as the help to unclog pores to reduce breakouts and impurities in the skin. I only use this in the mornings.

Step Two

After my shower I use a foaming cleanser, this doesn't smell overly pleasant, but removes dirt and make up well. The bottle states that it dissolves make-up and helps to tighten pores. I just massage this into damp skin and wash away with my flannel once again. In the evenings I would also remove my eye make-up with the Simple Eye Make-Up Remover, this is a great product I really like Simple. It is non-greasy and good on even waterproof mascara. 

Step Three

I use the Cleansing Water, this essentially does the same thing as the Foaming Cleanser but I find it easier to know all of my make up is off when using this. I squirt a couple of pumps on a few of cotton pads and sweep them over my skin, I repeat this until the cotton pads are staying white. This ensures all the make-up and dirt has been removed. This is a lovely product doesn't leave you skin greasy. 

Step Five

Next I use the Blemish Defence Serum, I have to be honest I am not sold on serums yet, but I like the sound of a anti-blemish one. I massage this over my clean skin and allow it to absorb. It feels really odd to begin with but I am getting used to it.

Step Six

Next I use either the Beautiful Skin Day Cream in the morning or at night I use the Night Cream. These are just moisturisers. I literally just smooth this into my face and neck after the serum is all soaked in.

Step Seven

I use the No7 Protect & Perfect Eye Cream, I really like this product it wakes me up around my eyes and its really moisturising. I have been using this for a while now and am really liking it. I just dot this around my eyes then gently massage it in. This kills if you get it in your eye!

Step Eight

I use the Beautiful Skin Rapid Spot Rescue. To be honest I hate the product it's thick and to gel-like. I leaves a shiny patch over the blemish, which make-up doesn't stick to. 

Once a week I like to have a little pamper evening and during this I like to apply the Beautiful Skin Purifying Mask. This is a thermal mask so it heats up and feels amazing. You apply it to damp skin and opens up the pores and draws out impurities. This seems a really good product. 

The next post on my skin will posted around the end of December. Hopefully there will be a huge improvement! 

Lots of Love 

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