Monday, 11 November 2013

REVIEW: MyFitnessPal App

My Fitness Pal is a dietary and exercise app, the version I am reviewing is on the iPhone. The app similar lets you calorie count, this is done by being able to make a food and exercise diary. 

It is very user-friendly and has a very similar design. When you first register you have to put in simply information such as your date of birth, gender, height and weight. Then you  put in your actual weight, a goal weight and how many pounds were week you want to loss, I set this as two pounds a week, however experts recommend one. Also you need yo enter how many times a week you will exercise and for how many minutes. Then the app will open up a summary page which will have on it your calories for the day and any news from other users who you are friends with, I've linked the app to my Facebook friend list. All food and exercise enters can be made from this page. 

The App has a huge catalogue of food, meals and recipes. The recipe section allow you to input your own recipes. So for example I have cooked lasagne which contains;

  • One medium red onion
  • One large carrot 
  • One courgette
  • One pound of lean beef mince
  • A handful of closed cap mushrooms 
  • Lasagne red sauce 
  • Lasagne white sauce
  • Lasagne sheets
  • 100g of grated cheese
All I would have to do is add a new recipe, the process is very easy. You name the recipe, in this case lasagne, and state how many people it serves (4). then you simply add the ingredients again this can use the bar code scanning or searching function. As you are adding the ingredients it adds up the calories per serving without you having t do any difficult maths :) dream come true!!

It also has a bar code scan system which basically does what it says. You can scan basically any food or drink item with it and it brings up 90% of the time the correct item. Occasionally the item is incorrect however it is usually only the brand that is wrong, the nutritional values are roughly the same. This functional is brilliant and I think the best thing the app has to offer. It makes calorie counting so much easier and faster, superb for on the go. You can also search on the database to find the food if you done have a working camera. This is a very easy function to use and get used to.

The food diary also contains two ways at looking at your daily intake in a graph form and a list form, these are great as it allows you to be able to see where you are having the correct values and percentages of foods. I personally use the graph as I think it is so easy understand and you can quickly glance at it and know where you are on track. But the graph is also good but needs longer to look at. 

You can also enter exercise both cardiovascular and strength. I only use the cardio section, it has a wide range of activities in it, however this is where I think the app is flawed. There is only activities from the US so sports such as Netball, Rounders etc are missing. however if you are not taking part ion a team sport and just using the gym its fine. It even has walking carrying a load (shopping) :). The netball you see in this picture is a exercise I manually added, which is also very easy to do but I am unsure if of how accurate it is. But again the exercise function is very easy to use. 

In conclusion I think that is app is better than any paid for calorie count app on the market. It is user-friendly attractive and effective. I have been using this app for a month and I have lost 6 pounds, might not sound a lot but I wouldn't have lost it if I didn't have the app. It only takes a few minutes to input your food so there is no excuse for not using it, it's free and quick. I would defiantly recommend this app to anyone who wanted to loss weight. Also being able to connect with your friends is a great feature I believe as it makes you watch what you eat as you friends can see whether you are under or over you calorie limit, also they can see what exercise you have done. Overall I am giving this app Five out of five stars, I can hardly fault it! 


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