Thursday, 14 November 2013

My 12 Top Tips For Staying Motivated and Happy

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Staying inspired is really difficult to do I find especially with staying healthy, studying, having productive days and just keeping happy. So I thought I would share with you some of the ways I stay motivated. 

1. Drink a glass of water.
    As soon as you wake up grab a glass of water to start the day off fresh.

2. Get active
    Daily exercise, it relieves stress, boosts energy and improves your mood.

3. Sleep
    When your well rested you have more energy to get things done and you don't feel sluggish.

4. Plan your day
    Make a list of three task you want to have done by the end of day.

5. The 50/10 rules
    Work on a task for 50 minutes then take a 10 minute break then repeat the cycle.

6. Reflection
    Before you go to sleep think over your day and has it been successful if not why?

7. Reading
    Reading increases knowledge, so in turn keeps you inspired.

8. Browsing
    Watching tutorials and reading blogs increases your abilities.

9. Brainstorm
    Brainstorming can be creative gold mine.

10. Express gratitude
      Think of 10 things you are thankful for daily.

11. Clean Your Desk
      Tidy desk, tidy mind. It will allow you to focus.

12. Indulge
      Set time aside for yourself.

They may sound odd but they do help. Just give them a go and let me know how you get on. 


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