Saturday, 9 November 2013

REVIEW: Maybelline Baby Lips Product

I purchased Maybelline Baby Lips in Hydrate (the blue one) a couple of weeks ago for £2.99 (I think) from Boots.

The balm leaves a a nice shine to the lips and they feel nice and soft. When you apply the balm it is surprising how soft and liquid like it feels, feels similar to The Body Shop Born Lippy Balm Pots. I expected the stick to tug at my lips but it did not. It is surprising is that for a product that costs less than £3 the ingredients are pretty substantial and include vitamin E, aloe, honey, shea butter and in some instances an SPF of 20. However all of the Baby Lips contain petroleum and in a pretty large quantity which would explain why there is no real lasting benefits of applying this particular lip balm or any petroleum based balm for that matter. Maybelline claim that these offer up to 8 hours of hydration but I have to disagree, the more often you use it the more your lips feel like they want it, if that makes sense and this is because of the huge amount of petroleum in them. 

In the UK there are currently three clear Baby Lips Balms out all containing  SPF: Hydrate (lemon and basil scent), Mint Fresh (mint scent) and Intense Care (cherry almond). I have the hydrate balm on in the below photo. There are also tinted versions: Pink Punch (light pink with a passion fruit scent), Cherry Me (cherry scented with a red tinge) and Peach Kiss (nude tint with a peach scent) all which I am yet to try but I will give them ago to see if they are different to the clear ones. 

I brought this product due to the huge hype all over the Internet, everyone has been talking about them, but honest to god DO NOT BOTHER its made my lips feel horrible and if I don't reapply it ever 15-30 minutes my lips get a horrible tingly feel and then start chapping. But you can expect this when you buy a product with a large out of petroleum in which is why I am only giving it one star out of five.



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