Tuesday, 12 November 2013

DIY Hand Exfloiator

Winter is now here and my hands are drying out and feeling really sore, I found this hand scrub online last year and thought I would start to use it every over day as my hands are drying out. Scrubbing off the top layer of skin is the quickest way of removing the dry layer and also can make your hands look years younger. For this simple scrub all you will need is the two following ingredients and a bowl to combine them in; 

  • Sugar (brown or white)
  • Olive Oil 

Combine the ingredients in a small bowl (or even in the palm of your hand) and give it a quick mix. then apply generously over you hands. I next work the scrub in circular motions into my palms and back of my hands. I work it into my wrist and lower arms, finally I scrub my cuticles. Then simply wash it off and dry your hand then voila your skin should be feeling super soft and looking younger. Now apply hand lotion (I use Soap & Glory Hand Food) and work it all over you hands. 

The scrub also works well as a whole body exfoliator or use it before shaving as it gives a close softer shave. Give it a try and let me know how you get on in the comments.  


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