Saturday, 9 November 2013

20 Facts About Me

As I've literally just started blogging I thought it might be a good idea to get some facts down about me so you can get to know me a bit better. 

1. My full name is Danielle Andrea Saint.

2. I was born on 22nd August 1994 however i was early and was due on 08th which is weird because my Nana's (mum's mum) birthday is 7th September and my Mum's 9th September!

3. I have one sibling a younger brother, Jamie.

4. My Mum is called Nicky and my Dad Mark
5. I support Reading FC and often go to games with my Dad and Jamie.

6. I love my dogs and cannot imagine life without them, Bobby unfortunately died in April 2013 :(.

7. I really like cooking and baking.

8. Out my bedroom window all I can see is fields and loads of sheep (no I don't live in Wales).

9. I am currently at The University Of Wolverhampton studying BA(Hons) Sport Studies and I love it.

10. I Live in halls at Uni.

11. I took GCSE Maths (B), English Literature (C), English Language (C), Double Science (CC), French (C), Physical Education (B), Religious Studies (C), BTEC Drama (100% Distinction*) and Maths Statistics (C).

12. I took AS Level Media (C) A-Level Physical Education (D), Theatre Studies (C) and BTEC Health and Social Care (Merit).

13. I love and play netball at University.

14. I used to play football for Derry Hill United FC and for Wiltshire Girls Centre of Excellence.

15. I have a proper sweet tooth, I love sweets and cake!!

16. My favourite foods are mushrooms and blue cheese and when they are together its like a dream come true.

17. My favourite season is Winter, love being warm when its cold outside.

18. I love shopping.

19. I do not smoke.

20. I do drink and my favourite cocktail is mojito.

Really random facts !!


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