Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Time with Beky Lou, Boots, Costa, Blogging and Disappointing Pizza !

Hello My Lovelies,

It's Christmas Eve YAY !! 1 sleep to go until Santa. Hope you are all enjoy yourselves and have a very festive time. 

Today I was finally able to be reconnected with my local blogger friend Beky over at Beky Lou. I have known Beky for years and it was so lovely to spend time with her. As you may be aware or attending Beky and myself have organised a Beauty Bloggers meet up, click here for me information, in Bristol on January 4th (still spaces left).

Just after lunch time I drove across town to go and put together the goody bags we have put together for everyone attending. By the way these goody bags are amazing and have loads of great bits in. I was awful at putting the products in I kept forgetting products and leaflets oh and I seem to have suddenly lost all ability to count higher that 4! But anyway after putting bags together we swapped Christmas present then popped to Devizes. 

We went to Boots and I got a couple of Max Factor Colour Elixir Lipsticks. I picked up 825 Pink Brandy, 827 Bewitching Coral (love this name) and 833 Rosewood. You can buy them here. If you want a review of them comment below letting me know. 

After that we popped to Costa to grab a bite to eat. I had a Goat's Cheese and Festive Chutney Panini and a Gingerbread Latte which I am addicted to. Beky got a BLT but removed the T! and a Honeycomb Hot Chocolate. 

We came back to mine took loads of tragic pictures and ordered a dominoes. WARNING right I am about to have a little moan. We ordered at 9 o'clock received a phone call from the driver saying he was at the end of my lane (countryside) and that he was lost, fine, we gave him directions and ten minutes later still no pizza. So we rang the store and spoke to the manager who has sent agreed to send us new pizzas arriving in 25 minutes, by this time it was, 10:15. Ten minutes later the driver carrying the pizza from earlier rang saying he couldn't find us again. At this point we told him to turn around and go back to the store. Finally at 11ish the pizza arrived. Basically their customer service was awful! Rant over. At this point I was too lazy and had had a drink  so could
take Beky home, so she ended up staying. 

Anyway I have had a lovely time with Beky and have missed her lots, it's so good to catch up. Make sure you follow her on Bloglovin' and like her posts. 

Lots of Love 

Friday, 20 December 2013

I Have Some Exciting Plans!

Hello My Lovelies, 

Hope you are all fine and dandy. I am a very happy girl right now, firstly today I am leaving University for Christmas I cannot wait to get back home to Wiltshire! 

As you are aware I am a student at University of Wolverhampton and I live in the halls of residence for first and this year. But I am bored of it, I know halls are meant to be amazing I know but after first year they aren't so great. I live with my boyfriend and five others this year and we share a kitchen and small social area. 

The Kitchen/Dining/Social Area

My Bedroom 

My Bathroom

And that is it! I don't exactly get a lot for the money I pay. So me and my boyfriend have to decided to rent a flat. Now I am extremely excited about this! Firstly I feel really grown up moving in with Ryan and secondly I can make a home. I love my home comforts and halls really don't provide this for me. We have been looking on the internet for flats and have found a couple in our price range and that tickle our fancy. Hopefully have some viewings planned but I will keep you up to date with how things go! 

Lots of Love 

Monday, 16 December 2013

Review || No7 Glamour Box

Helloooo My Lovelies, 

Hope you are all well. I thought I write up my review I promised of the No7 Glamour Box.

As you will see from my Collective Haul post a couple of days ago I got a freebie when I brought a couple of No7 make-up items. The freebie is called a glamour box and comes in this really cute light pinky purple box. I mean it look at it, it does look pretty and girly. The box itself is worth £29 and has four items in two full size and two miniatures. I usually am really impressed with the freebies you get with make-up in Boots and specifically No7. I love how you get a mixture of both full size and travel size products. Also I noticed that this box contained No7 Extreme Length Extend Mascara one of my all time favourites! So this was just an added incentive to buy two make up items. 

The box itself contains the Stay Precise Felt Tip Eyeliner in Black, Extreme Length Extend Mascara, High Shine Lipgloss in Whisper and Stay Perfect Eye shadow in the central colour from the Good Earth Trio. The eyeliner and lipgloss are both full size and the shadow and mascara are miniatures. 
As I have send above the mascara is one of my favourites. Firstly I really like the packaging of No7 Mascaras, they always have a lovely metallic finish to the tube. Which makes they a little more enjoyable to use I think. The applicator is plastic, I usually don't like plastic applicators, but I seem to agree with this one. The mascara really does live up to its name, it makes the most of every millimetre of each lash. It does this without forming clumps or sticking all the lashes together. Overall it achieves a long lash effect but still looks very natural and pretty.  

As for the lipgloss I am not a fan of No7 High Shine Glosses in general I find them incredibly tacky and sticky on the lips. I am also not a fan of the colour this one is in Whisper a pinky beige with a huge amount of silver and gold shimmer throughout. One good thing about the gloss is that is has SPF 15 and it is enriched with vitamins that protect and care for you lips. But still the formula is not great and feel horrible. 

I was super excited by the Stay Precise Felt Tip Liner as I have never used a product such as this one. From what I have seen on the Blogmoshpere this product is either a love of hate product and regrettably I am in the hate corner. I normally use Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner in 01 Black with a Mac 209 brush and I love it. The No7 liner is not pigmented it comes out a wishy washy almost black grey colour. Now that isn't the only disappointment the colour seems to bleed across my lids, just end up everywhere. DO NOT waste your money on this product it is awful. 

The final product is probably my favourite out of all of them, the Stay Perfect Eye shadow. It is a beautiful colour and I will probably go out and buy the Good Earth Trio when this runs out. It is a shimmer shadow and it isn't the most pigmented shadow out there but it is buildable. I used this shadow yesterday to achieve a pinky browny purpley smokey eye for a family meal and I thought it looked really elegant and classic. You could also use this day to day just on its own. 

Overall the box is okay, if you are buying No7 products great why not. But you are not don't go out of your way to buy products to get the box. 

Have any of you tried these products or brought the box? 

Sunday, 15 December 2013

My Favourite Lipsticks Autumn/Winter 2013

Hello My Lovelies,

Hope those your new year resolutions are still in motion, I am trying hopelessly save money still! I swear Boots and Primark are stealing money from me!

Toady I thought I'd share with you some of my favourite lipsticks, I have been wearing throughout the winter. I have picked out eight and have swatched them all. I will try and provide as many link to the product as I can.

From wrist down:

Number One
This might be a surprise to you but this lipstick is a Miss Sporty Perfect Colour Lipstick in 059 High Red. I would never usually buy Miss Sporty make-up as it reminds me way to much of my early teens (hell on earth). I purchased this as I need a cheap lipstick for my Halloween fancy dress. The packaging is fairly cheap looking, however when you open the tube you are hit by the scent of watermelon!! It is amazing smelling. Maybe not something you look for in a lipstick but still amazing. Miss Sporty claim the colour lasts for 6 hours but I would say more like 4-5 hours and is very shiny, if you want a matte lipstick this is not for you. But if you want bright red, sweet smelling with an average lasting look this is a great item.

Purchased for £2.59
click here to view item.

Number Two
This is the Barry M Lip Paint in Touch of Magic 334. I remember when this first came out years ago there was such a huge hype around it. For you lovelies who don't know about this colour, it is basically a lime green in the tube but when applied to your lips it is a glossy pink. The level of alkali level in you lips determine how pink it goes. I still love the colour of this, it has a formula enriched with aloe vera so it is really moisturising . Barry M claim the Lip Paint stays for 8 hours, I believe more about 6 hours. I really like this product :)

Purchased for £4.49
click here to view item.

Number Three
I love this colour it compliments any look and it is Rimmel London Lasting Finish Matte By Kate Moss in 03. It is a matte nude and is pretty much the same colour as my lips, but I think this may be one of the reasons I like it so much, I gives my lips a gentle gloss and Is just a nicer touch than a lip gloss. It has a pleasant smell, it isn't sticky, don't dry my lips out and long-wearing I don't ask for much more in a lipstick.

Purchased for £5.49
click here to view item.

Number Four
Again this is a Rimmel London Lasting Finish Matte By Kate Moss but in 107. Now I know that this shade is incredibly popular, which is why it took me two weeks of looking in boots, superdrug, wilkos and other Rimmel stockist to find it! This colour is AMAZING. It is a deep red with slight maroon shades sometimes (this might just be me). This is my ultimate winter lippy. Again its gives me everything I look for in a lipstick. Oh the only moan I have about the Kate Moss range is that it is just numbers I like lipsticks to have names, don't know why just do! Pretty trivial I know.

Purchased for £5.49
click here to view item. 

Number Five
This is a Body Shop Colourglide Lipstick in 22, which unfortunately they have discontinued. I'm not the biggest fan on these lipsticks I just liked the colour of this one. It has a high shine finish to it and is not very long lasting, but if your somewhere you can keep reapplying lippy its fine. The lipstick itself has basically become a mess as well. If it is not stored in a cool place it melts so quickly, I found this out thanks to the heat wave we had the summer just gone. I wouldn't recommend this product especially for £10, but I have got it and I like the colour so hay ho.

Purchased for £10.00
now discontinued

Number Six
This was the bragin of the century I think! This is a Lancome L'Absolu Rouge Lipstick in 006 Rose Nu. A year or two ago Lancome were rebranding their lipsticks and I picked this gem up for only £5 ! That's 75% off! This to me is how a lipstick should be, you take the lid of and you can smell it, it just smell how a high end lipstick should. The colour is rich long lasting, subtle and pretty. I am in love with this, I am so gutted its almost all gone. But I will definatly be repurchasing this lipstick at full price.

Purchased for £5.00 !!!
click here to view item

Number Seven
Right I only ever wear this lipstick when I am feeling incredibly brave! It is Rimmel London Colour Show Off Lipstick in 220 Shocking Pink. Yes shocking is the best way to describe it! This range has now been discontinued, which I think is a shame because when I am being brave this lipstick is long-lasting and moisturising. But ah well what do I know.

Purchased for £4.49
Now discontinued

I feel like I have share with you products you can't get any more I am sorry, but recommend all of the products which you can still get, good colours and good prices. 
If you have any of the above comment below and let me know what you think of them. Has anyone found a dupe for LancĂ´me ? 

Lots of Love 

HUGE Collective Haul

Helloooo My Lovelies, 

Now I have been meaning to do a haul for ages but never got around to it. I have been shopping loads recently and now I am regretting it!! I can now confirm.....

My Name is Danielle and I am a Shopaholic 

Any way here we go ... 

First collection of items comes from Boots, I only went in for a BB creams! But a lot of accidental basket slips happened. When ever I go to Boots the first thing I do is go to the points machine to see what vouchers I had. Most of them are the usual rubbish, Eye check or 25% off mouthwash etc., but I had £2 off Seventeen On the Spot Foundation and a money off 3 for 2 with bonus points of No7 Skin Care. Well perfect opportunity to stock up on No7 Beautiful Skin Quick Thinking Wipes, very girl needs these in  her make up bag. Also grabbed my BB cream which is No7 Beautiful Skin BB Cream for Normal/Oily skin in Fair. This is a really nice product and I have been using it for a while now. Now No7 always get me there is always a promotion or freebie offer on, and this trip was no exception. When you buy two make up product you get a free Glamour Box worth £29, which contains a  mini eye shadow, a mini extreme length mascara, full size stay precise felt tip eye liner and full size high shine lip gloss. I will do a review of the box soon. Also picked up a Stay Perfect Nail Polish in the shade Cruising, its a nice dark aqua blue. 

In Boots I also picked up some Bio-Oil now I know I am only 19 but a week or so ago when getting dressed I found a stretch mark on my hip, I nearly cried. I have never really suffered from things like this a it was a horrible shock. Well I though I'd give Bio-Oil ago. 

As I mentioned above I had a voucher for Seventeen's new On the Spot Foundation, this caught my eye a while ago and have read a couple of reviews for it and thought  I'd give it ago. Also picked up the Seventeen Stay Time Longer Wear Primer, will do reviews on both products soon. Seventeen had a offer on when you buy two products you get a free Brow's That Brow Kit, I didn't need it but it was free. 

Next stop was Poundland and Poundworld. I picked up some Argan Oil products, they are probably useless but though I would try them, have any of you used them before? 
I also picked up an Impulse, now I wouldn't usually buy something like this but I wanted a scent to keep in my overnight bag as my perfumes are really bulky as I tend to just use Marc Jacobs. 
Also picked up a Apple and Cinnamon scented candle, just to give my uni room a slight Christmassy feel. It's hard to get festive living in halls. 
Now I saw on Money Saving Expert that Poundland had Dally Hansen and Revlon Nail varnish in, so I picked up three. They aren't great colours to be honest. 

A few days ago went to Debenhams in Walsall and went to look at the make up, the beauty counters there are tiny, its not great but I had time to kill.
I was just browsing and came to the Dior Stall. Now Airflash is a product I first came across years ago in Macy's in New York when my friend Louise brought it. I have wanted every since. I was trying it out and the consultant approached me asking if I wanted to try it out so I said yes. Now usually beauty consultants are great now this lady was not the brightest crayon in the pack, I was chatting to her about brands and she didn't know what Nars or Laura Mercier was!! Also when I said I blog she didn't know what a blog was, now I think beauty consultants should know this sort of thing is and their brands. However the foundation is amazing looks so airbrushed and perfect, I also received two samples a serum and a firming eye cream. Also the beauty consultant didn't know how to become a make up artist and she was selling way to hard! 

Yesterday I went to Birmingham and Selfridges suckered me in! Firstly I purchased my first ever MAC lipstick. I brought it in Russian Red its so beautiful and I love it. Then I went to the Lancome counter and the Lady was so helpful I tried out a couple of lipsticks and concealers, we chatted for ages about products blogging and shopping. In the end I brought L'Absolu Rouge Lipstick in 07 Rose Noctorne and Vernis in Love Nail Polish in 240N Beige Dentelle, the consultant also throw in a bottled sample of La Vie La Belle, which comes in the shape of the full size bottle not a test tube love it !! Finally I went to the NARS counter and I picked up the Sheer Glow Foundation in Punjab. The consultant tried numerous shades on me and she was very helpful. Successful trip I say!

 Now I know this seems to be a lot but I brought this over numerous weeks. 
Have you got or tried any of these products??

Lots of Love 

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Review || Lush Santa's Lip Scrub

Hello My Lovelies, 

Apologise for my lack of blogs later I have been having a rather shoddy time. I am ridiculously stressed due to my huge amount of uni assignments I have to do and I was also having a bit of relationship hiccup but all seems to be resolved now. 

Well today I wanted to do a little review for you. I am a bit fan of Lush and especially their Lip Scrubs. I love them all and think they are great for the winter as my lips take a battering from the wind and bitter cold. And applying lipstick on tops looks awful so I saw this one and tried it straight away, like all of the Lip Scrubs it is a caster sugar and coconut oil, this one is flavoured with cherries and dates.
Lush's have model this product on Mrs. Claus saying 'think this is exactly the kind of product Mrs. Claus would like to use to get her lips soft and healthy for the festive season.'

I think it sort of defeats the object of Lush, natural and fresh, it's a really artificial taste but it is pleasant. This also contains a red colouring which is safely edible and won't stain your lips, although I find that if you wet the scrub slightly it washes off the sugar and give the lips a nice, rosy tint. The scrub exfloliates and buffs the lips to remove dry skin and softens out lumps and bumps. However one thing I did not realise when I tried  it in store is that it had little sugar paper hearts on the top. I ended out picking these out. Now I can see how this would be a nice edition but they just annoy me. They get in the way when I am using it, I don't like them. 

I think this is a bit of a let down really it doesn't taste like Coca-Cola at all and the hearts are so annoying! It is not very festive flavour either, I would have chosen gingerbread or cinnamon for a festive edition to the Lip Scrub family. But it does the job. 

Lots of Love 

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Tag | The Winter Tag

Thank you to Beky from Beky Lou for tagging me in this :)                                                                                                                          The Rules                                                        - Share 12 random facts about yourself.
- Answer the 12 questions.
- List 12 bloggers you want to do the tag. They can be anyone you want.
- Let the bloggers know you nominated them.

The Facts
  1. My middle name is Andrea.
  2. I was excited for Christmas in the middle of October.
  3. I am so unorganised with my University work.
  4. But really organised with my Blogging.
  5. I'd rather blog than do my work.
  6. I have a white iPhone 4.
  7. I want the iPhone 5c!
  8. I'd live in my disco pants if I could. 
  9. My boyfriend hates disco pant (tough luck)!
  10. I wish I had Joey Essex's teeth. 
  11. I love travelling.
  12. I really want to go to Thailand.
Here are the questions:

What are your favourite things about Winter?

Being all warm and snuggly when its cold outside. 

What is your favourite Winter outfit?

At the moment it is my disco pants, burgundy textured top, chunky gold necklace, green parka coat and heeled ankle boots.

What is your favourite Winter food?

Mum's slow roasted shredded gammon!

Favourite Winter drink?

Orange and Ginger herbal tea from Asda, great for when you have a cold too. 

What is your dream way to spend a Winter's day?

Sat all snuggled up with my blanket with my boyfriend watch soppy films with the log fire burning with my Christmas Eve yankee candle burning.

How do you like to do your make-up in the Winter?

Really minimal but with a deep red lip and defined brows.

What are you hoping Santa brings you?

Some Yankee Candles, iPad mini and babylis pro secret curl.

What are the first three things that remind you of Winter?

Snow, seeing my breathe before me and log fires.

What is your favourite Winter song?

Fairytale of New York, potential my favourite song of all time!

What is your favourite Winter memory?

Has to be finding a Christmas tree in Wales, as a family we went to a Christmas tree farm, you turn up they give you a coloured ribbon you walk about 200 acre of fir trees until you find the one you want, then afterwards you get a warming cup of mulled wine. 

What is your favourite Winter scent?

The Yankee Candle Christmas Eve smells gorgeous! I love the smell of cinnamon, cloves and orange. .

Finish this sentence... If I could have one wish this Christmas it would be.....
To ensure that the year to come brings promise and enjoyment for all those I care for. 

Tag made my Kimberley from Kimberley's Beauty Blog
I tag 
Hannah from Locked In A Bow
And everyone else reading. 
Comment with a link to your post :) 

Saturday, 7 December 2013

I'm Sorry

I am really sorry about my lacking of post recently, I am having a really hard time with University and unfortunately am having relationship issues to. I will hopefully be back up and in full swing in a couple of weeks.


Thursday, 5 December 2013

I'm a Beauty Blogger ... Get Me Out Of Here || Week Three

Its the final edition of I'm a beauty Blogger :( 

1) Big congratulations! You won last week’s bush tucker trial. Your reward is the chance to create your own perfume. What ingredients/scents would you choose?
I'm not sure I love Marc Jacobs Perfume, so something sweet and fresh like those. 

2) Around the camp fire you’re all sharing tips. What is the best advice you can give someone to keep your skin healthy?
Drink Plenty of water is essential to healthy glowing skin. 

3) How do you think your camp mates would describe you?
Outgoing, happy and probably bossy. 

4) You’re missing your family and friends so to bring a bit of comfort to the jungle you are given the opportunity to send one twitter message (max 140 characters). Who would you text and what would you say?
Hi, hope you are well! I am having a amazing time in the jungle and have meet some amazing people and some not so amazing ones! Love you all!

5) You’ve made it to the final two and are awarded the classic three course meal. What would you choose for starter, main and dessert?
Starter - Oven Baked Camembert
Main - Moules Mariniere 
Dessert - Vanilla Panacotta

6) You’re out of the jungle and the luxury hotel awaits! What will be the first thing you will do?
Take a shower, or have a bath, a real luxury we all take for granted.

7) Now you’re out of the jungle and have all your luxuries back, what would be one product you have lived without and could continue to live without?
A turban towel for my hair maybe ..... really hard question!!

8) Challenge – you have the choice of setting the challenge. What is your challenge and to whom?
I have not got a clue !

Lots of Love 

I've Just Been Shopping ! Black Friday (Sort Of) !

Hello My Lovelies,

I have practically finished my Crimbo Shopping. YAY !

Black Friday in American is just huge and amazing and for the first year it has come to the UK! Shops such as Asda and John Lewis are slashing prices across the store. However a lot of store are having promotions or sales on without advertising them as Black Friday Sales. For example Boots have got a triple points event as well cutting price, Debenhams have got up to 30% off across the store. I wanted to share with you my bargains I picked up today.

Firstly I went to Boots and I am the definition of sucker in that store.

I picked up David Beckham Homme Eau De Toilette 75ml, this is just a aftershave I have got my brother who is 15, it smells very similar to Marc Jacobs Bang (£41 for 50ml) it is a light refreshing scent. Perfect for a 15 year old.
Right the RRP for this is £30 but I got it for only £16.99 !!
Bargain for a Marc Jacobs dupe!!

Next a tiny little box caught my eye. It was Marc Jacobs. Now I love all Marc Jacobs Perfumes and have done ever since starting to wear proper perfume. The box contained a Lola Solid Perfume. Now the solid perfumes usually come as a ring or chain this only kinda looks like both from the picture on the box, it also comes with a little pouch.
The RRP is £26.98 but I picked it up for £14.99!

Finally I brought a Real Techniques Stippling Brush, I have had my eye on this for a while. I saw it and it was the last one, I knew I had to have it today! When I got to it and looked closer I could see it was used! I thought what the hell but then it clicked, I can just wash it and get some money knocked off! So I proceeded to the till and ask, the cashier looked disgusted that someone had used it and said of course.
The RRP is £11.99 but I got it discounted to £6.99. Happy Days.

The Next shop I went to was Debenhams. Here I brought presents for my Mum and Nana. For my Mum I brought a Clinique Softer, Smoother Skin Set containing a full size and a travel size Deep Comfort Body Butter, which is her favourite, a travel size Deep Comfort Hand & Cuticle Cream and a travel size Sparkle Skin Exfoliator. The RRP of the body butter alone is £24.00
The RRP for this item is £32 but I got it for £28.80. And gift wrapped for free so for only an extra £4.80 I got a miniature body butter, hand cream and exfoliator. AMAZING!

The next item I got in Debenhams was a Clarins All About Eyes Gift Set. I haven't got a clue if she uses the products in the kit but I know she loves Clarins so I hope she will like it. The set has a Full size Wonder Perfect Mascara, miniature Eye Revive Beauty Flash and a miniature Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch.
RRP is £21 but I got it for £18.90. The mascara alone costs £21 ! This is amazing value!

Also treated myself to a Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara but shhhh.....
RRP £12 but I paid £10.80.

Well that is everything I got :) 

Did anyone else get some bargains ? 

Lots of Love 

November Favourites

Hey there my lovelies, 

Sorry for neglecting you for the past few days been so busy with uni work :( but I am back with my November favourites, better late than never. 

November Favourites

I have only tried Soap & Glory products for the first time this month and I am in love with Hand Food, a non-greasy hydrating hand cream with shea butter, macadamia oil and marshmallow. Wow! It has a lovely soft and smooth consistency and makes my hand feel so soft. Hand cream is essential for me in this weather, I get really dry hands that can lead to cracking which is really sore. This cream is great, highly recommend! 

The second Soap & Glory product I am loving is the Sugar Crush Body Wash. If you don't own this product go out now and get it. The smell is just out of this world. It is scented with fresh lime, if you like sweet scents this is a great shower gel. 

The next product is from Lush, I am a big fan of Lush products but this month I have been trying something a bit different. It is the Ultrabalm. It is an All Purpose Balm, that is for bits that chap and chafe. I have been using it for way more than that though, I use it for dry skin, my cuticles, blemishes, sores and my lips. It only contains three ingredients. The tin says you can use Ultrabalm or anywhere that needs a little moisture. I am loving this as it is so versatile and a little bit goes a long way. Defiantly recommend it. 

My next love is Barry M Nail Paint in Amethyst Glitter. This is amazing! I will do a NOTD at some point so you can see how beautiful it is on. :) 

Yay, my Topshop hat. I saw Tanya Burr feature this hat in a haul video and I feel in love with it. It is a chunky cable knit hat with a huge fur bobble on top. I brought this hat in Cream. It was quite pricey at £14.00 but I love it so can justify it! 

Now this picture isn't my actual scarf but it is similar. I picked mine up at a charity shop for only 50p! It is a red tartan and is 100% lambswool and is from a company called Highland Tweeds. It is really warm and just shows what beauties you can find in charity shops!  

The first of the Bourjois product I am featuring is the Delice de Poudre Bronzing Powder, also known as the Chocolate Bronzer. I love this product it has tiny flecks of gold shimmer running through it. A lot of bloggers love this product and I am defiantly one of those. 

Rimmel London Kate Moss 107 Lipstick. This is a beautiful deep berry matte lipstick. It is incredibly pigmented and you only really need one coat. It stains the lips quickly. It has a somewhat creamy texture but has a tendency to fade a bit.

Wellingtons are essential for me in the winter, as I am a country girl, I need them for everything! I had been using crappy green wellies for years now and I was wearing through them like crazy, so I thought it was time to investing some proper ones. So I brought Hunter Wellington Boots! Yay they are a beautiful purpler colour and what I love some much about them is that they fit my legs. Normally wellies down fit my lower leg as it is quite small, Hunters are very narrow so they fit perfectly. They are super comfy.

Might be a bit of a random one but I have been loving Boux Avenue this month,firstly the underwear is great, high quality and pretty. But the service in store is great, I hate underwear shopping and the awkward measurement but Boux Avenue have got it right. The girls who work in their are young and friendly. Each changing room has a little set of buttons which could changed the lighting theme. The bras are great prices and are super cute, defiantly go and have a look.   

I think Bourjois So Laque Nail Enamel is the best long-lasting nail varnish you can buy on the high-street I prefer it to Sally Hansen and Essie. So this is why it has made its way into my favourites. 

I love Nicholas Sparks novels and Safe Haven is no exception to that. The story line is gripping and take you on a whirlwind of emotions. It is heart warming and has a very modern feel to the story line, if you are a Spark's fan this is another great read for you. 

Face mask! I love face masks I use them every other night, I am currently using Lush Cupcake, Superdrug Detoxifying Dead Sea Mud Mask and No7 Beautiful Skin Purifying Mask for Normal/Oily skin. I dont know what it is about face masks just make it feel like winter ! 

Have you been loving any of these?

Lots of Love 

Saturday, 30 November 2013

BEWARE || What Is Really In Our Make Up ? Methylisothiazolinone and Methylchloroisothiazolinone

Hellooo My Lovelies, 

Bit of a different post today. 

During the summer last year I found myself picking up a copy of the daily mail and I came arcoss an article that was called 'How your wrinkle cream could destroy your skin: The chemicals in cosmetics can trigger severe allergies' click here to read online version. The headline grabbed my attention immediately. The two chemicals in the firing line are Methylisothiazolinone and Methylchloroisothiazolinone. Quite a mouthful I know! Basically these chemicals are preservatives. 

The article looks at the story of Jean Clark, who had just purchased Clarins Extra Firming Day Cream for £48. the cream is supposed to leave you with younger looking skin with less wrinkles. But after using it her face was stinging. ‘It was a burning sensation as if someone had thrown acid in my face,’ she says. ‘My skin looked as if I had a bad dose of sunburn - my face was scorched, red and blotchy.' She was quite confused as she had been using Clarins products for a long time! Mrs Clark was not alone in the problems she was experiencing.

The perservatives Methylisothiazolinone and Methylchloroisothiazolinone are found in dozen upon dozen of beauty and bathroom products. Dermatologists say that Methylisothiazolinone is second to nickel in causing soreness and redness and can lead to eczema. 

What Does it Do?

Methylisothiazolinone (MI) and Methylchloroisothiazolinone (MCI) are added to water-based products to kill bacteria, viruses and mould. Without preservatives products would go off in two or so weeks of being opened.

For years companies have combined MI and MCI in products. So why the recent problems? Companies have started to use MI on its own and in higher concentrates. 

Dr David Orton, of the British Society of Cutaneous Allergy, says: ‘You can become allergic to anything at any time and there will always be someone who will become allergic to a particular ingredient. But over the last couple of years we have seen a growing rise in allergy to MI.’ You can develop them to something that caused no problems a year ago. It is not clear what causes the body to react like this, but once you have an allergy it usually lasts for life.

The key thing to consider here is YOU CAN BECOME ALLERGIC AT ANY TIME. This is really what scared me, I could one day be putting on my foundation and during that day my face could swell up, go red and be incredibly sore. 

Allergies happen when ones body identifies a substance as being harmful - a allergen. The stats show that only one or two people in every hundred have skin allergies, but these were produced become 2005 when MI was authorised for singular use. 

Because of this scare I have been trying to used natural products and I am reading the label to ensure I do not buy an item with MI or MCI in. Over the next few week I will be reviewing some of these products and seeing if they can offer a good alternative. 

You will be gob smacked when how many popular items have MI used, I was. 


Wet Ones; Nivea Pure & Natural Facial  Cleansing Wipes; Femfresh Intimate Wipes.


Brylcreem Gel; Aussie Volume Shampoo; Pantene Pro-V Repair & Protect Shampoo; Boots Fruit Essence Goodbye Dry Ends Shampoo; Head & Shoulders Anti-Dandruff Smooth and Silky Conditioner/Balsam; Head and Shoulders Anti-Dandruff Shampoo for Men; Herbal Essences Dazzling Shine Shampoo and Hello Hydration Conditioner.


Dove Men + Care Shave Gel Sensitive; Gillette Fusion ProGlide Gel.

Dove Deeply Nourishing Body Wash; Nivea  Visage Pure & Natural Cleansing lotion; St Ives Blemish Fighting Apricot Scrub; Nivea In Shower Body Moisturiser.


Clarins Extra-Firming Day Cream; Nivea Lotion; Nivea Pure & Natural Day Cream; L’Oreal Revitalift Day Cream; Johnson & Johnson Piz Buin One Day Long Sun Lotion; Nivea Pure & Natural Cleansing Toner; Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Eventone Age Spot Hand Cream; Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula; Vaseline Hand Cream Anti Bac; Nivea Pure & Natural Long Lasting Moisturiser.

Let me know if you have come across MCI or MI. 

Friday, 29 November 2013

Christmas Presents For Brother / Boyfriend For £25 and Under

Hellooo My Lovelies, 

As promised here is my little selection of presents I think are suitable for brothers or a boyfriend for £25 or under. Hope I've helped!

Christmas Presents For Brother / Boyfriend Under £25

Christmas Presents For Brother / Boyfriend Under £25 

Red Tartan Scarf
£18 - Urban Outfitters

Christmas Jumper
£14 - George at Asda

Bobbly Hat
£12 - Topman

No7 Men Energising Hair & Body Wash 
£7.50 - Boots

No7 Men Energising Face Wash
£7.50 - Boots

No7 Men Rapid Revival Eye Roll-On 
£12 - Boots

Calvin Klein Shock
£24.50 - Boots

Jack Daniels Whiskey

VW Campervan Wash Bag
£25 - notonthehighstreet.com

Gear4 StreetParty 3
£25 - Amazon

Apple EarPods 
£25 - Apple Store

Nandos Extra extra hot peri-peri sauce
£18 - Debenhams

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Tag | I LOVE Winter

Hellooooo My Lovelies,

Thank you Beki of Beki Louise Beauty for tagging me :) 
Well here we go...

Favourite Winter Nail Polish?
Has to be Barry M Nail paint in either Amethyst Glitter or Raspberry. 

Favorite Winter Lip Product?
Has to be Rimmel London Lasting Finish by Kate Moss in 107, it is a beautiful deep red perfect for the winter season.

Most worn winter clothing piece?
Umm, this is a tricky one. I love my jumpers, especially my black and white patterned one from primark.

Most worn winter accessory?
Got to be my aztec patterned scarf from primark, this is my favourite thing this season. 

Favourite Winter Scent/Candle?
Has to be Christmas Eve from Yankee Candles! Yummm it smells divine. 

All time favourite Christmas/holiday movie? 
Has to be Polar Express or Elf. Depend if I want to snuggle up or just laugh really.

Favourite Christmas/holiday Song?
Fairytale of New York <3 

Favourite holiday food/treat?
Hmmm I don't really have one, I guess Terry's Chocolate Orange but you can get them all year round

What's at the top of your Christmas list?
Babylis Pro Perfect Curl I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE !!!

What are your plans for the holidays this year?
This year will be my first Christmas in our new house, it is an old country farm house, so me and my Mother are decorating it all vintage and traditional :) Cannot wait!

I love these tag posts so I am going to tag 
And one else reading this you are tagged too. 
Leave me a comment with your response.